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Digest Media is a digital agency that works collaboratively with brands to deliver online paid media with a data-driven approach for a positive Return-On-Ad-Spend. Our team is the biggest asset and they are the most qualified in the business with in-depth knowledge of all industries and relevant advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Bing, Google DoubleClick, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.

We take an audience-first approach to effectively influence customer journeys.

Advertising today is all about winning consumer’s micro-moments. By understanding how, why, where and when they make decisions about the brands and services they buy, we can then effectively target to influence them. The combination of those micro-behaviours are a customer journey
We love our partners and we understand that some areas of expertise are best left to them. But where possible, we bring the technology and native platforms in-house along with seasoned experts.
A successful media and advertising strategy is a blended one. Your customers do not live on only one universe and key moments of their journey often are between the two. We are an integrated agency with experience across all offline and online medias.
Scale? No problem. Programmatic advertising offers detailed targeting & segmentation with multiple types of display & video ads that have massive reach across any device, publisher and more.
Data is at core of everything we do. We’ll help you understand, scope and deliver successful campaigns with actionable insights to optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns and results at the same time we give you feedback of your clients and market.

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